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The Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

"We are a learning hub that cultivates data scientists with interdisciplinary insight and expertise."

The ability to select and use information is becoming a criterion for competitiveness in the information age and an essential virtue of leaders in our modern society. Vast amounts of information in various and complicated forms drive the trends of the Information Society and are crucial in the functions of state and business organizations. As we enter an evermore connected Network Society, a deeper understanding and command of the flows and content of information, its authenticity and reliability, are key issues that allow us to distinguish good data from bad data, ultimately enabling us to make informed, evidence-based decisions. CUK’s GSIIS encourages critical inquiry and interdisciplinary conversation. Our core subjects focus on understanding our present data and human environment and the acquisition of data analysis skills, such as statistical and big data analysis. Students can select their field of concentration, but convergence of the three fields is strongly encouraged. 


Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies : See details below

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Our educational goals

To cultivate future data scientists with a convergent mindset

To enhance a wholistic approach to information studies

Our core curriculum sets the context for information-based learning, by presenting an understanding of the present Information Society through sociological, psychological, computer science and methodological insights. Students are then encouraged to choose a field of concentration: Education Informatics, Business Informatics, and Technology Informatics & Big Data. Students can choose more than one concentration, to create their own field of convergence, such as Education Technology, Technology Business, or Education Business and so forth.

CUK Overview of the major : See details below

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  • Education informatics
    Education is provided to develop the capacity to correctly analyze, standardize, and systematically transmit education informatics, and apply such a capacity in the field.
  • Business Informatics
    Education is provided to develop the capacity to generate, manage, analyze, and understand the required information to be used in the business field such, to impact evidence-based decision making.
  • Technology Informatics
    Education is provided to develop the capacity to analyze and interpret information from an engineering perspective to grow as experts who are capable of making accurate predictions about future technologies in the knowledge and information society.
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