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Telephone directory

For general inquiries call: (82-2)6361-2000

  • Office of Academic Affairs: 82-2-6361-2000
  • Office of Admission Strategy: 82-2-6929-2014
  • Office of Student Affairs: 82-2-6361-1953
  • Office of General Administration: 82-2-6361-1841
  • Office of Planning: 82-2-6929-2318
Contact Numbers for Each Department
Telephone Directory
Division Department Telephone
Division of Creative Engineering Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 82-2-6361-1861
Dept. of Mechanical and Control Engineering 82-2-6361-1828
Dept. of  Software Engineering 82-2-6361-1869
Dept. of Information Management and Security 82-2-6361-1869
Dept. of Design Engineering 82-2-6361-1867
Division of Future Convergence Big Data Studies 82-2-6361-1867
Technology & Innovation Management Stuides
International Cooperation & Multicultural Studies
Division of Business Dept. of Business Administration 82-2-6361-1832
Dept. of Real Estate 82-2-6361-1977
Dept. of Culture & Arts Management 82-2-6361-1977
Division of Human Services Dept. of Counseling Psychology 82-2-6361-1888
Dept. of Social Welfare 82-2-6361-1827
Dept. of Healthcare Administration 82-2-6361-1831
Dept. of Child Studies 82-2-6361-1833
Dept. of Youth Counseling 82-2-6361-1862
Dept. of Continuing Education 82-2-6361-1889
Division of Practical Languages Dept. of Practical Foreign Languages 82-2-6361-1811(Eng)
Dept. of Child English 82-2-6361-1824
Dept. of Korean Language 82-2-6361-1801
Division of Law and Taxation Dept. of Law 82-2-6361-1974
Dept. of Taxation and Accounting 82-2-6361-1974
Contact US (82-2)6361-2000