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Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

"Cultivate creative minds leading the information society with interdisciplinary capabilities"

The ability to select and use information is becoming a criterion for competitiveness in the information age and an essential virtue of leaders in our modern society. Numerous amounts of information in various and complicated forms drive the trends of the information society and are the nature of many problems faced in the workplace. Each college subject can fully bloom when students become ‘open minded’ and embrace the perspectives of various fields of study. Our society requires talents with interdisciplinary and convergence capabilities.

The graduate school aims to nurture future-oriented and creative minds through interdisciplinary research and education that can integrate a variety of majors in the fields of business management, technology, and culture - based on humanity and society.

Dept. of Taxation and Accounting

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Dept. of Taxation and Accounting
  • Systematic Subjects - The department operates systematic subjects for students to study the professional knowledge needed to become an expert in taxation and accounting.
  • Field Application - Students can enhance the effect of practical work activities by applying the various theories and information related to taxation and accounting to the field.
  • Interactive Lessons - Students will further improve their problem-solving abilities through schoolwork management and leveled education centered on interactive lessons between professors and students.
  • Application to Related Areas - Since CUK offers such courses as business administration, economics, and law - as well as subjects related to taxation and accounting - students are able to better understand accounting and taxation and apply this knowledge to related areas in various ways.
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