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Dept. of Taxation and Accounting

"Incubator of tax accountants designing taxation strategies and accounting information"

The Department of Taxation and Accounting educates students about the basic principles and concepts, theories and practices, and regulations and systems relevant to accounting and taxation that necessarily accompany the economic activities of private individuals and corporations so that they can help these entities perform successfully and can become experts in accounting and taxation, establishing taxation strategy and designing the accounting information that corporations need. The department offers a learning space that helps students obtain their CPA or CTA certificates in accounting and taxation, respectively.

Dept. of Taxation and Accounting

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Dept. of Taxation and Accounting
  • Systematic Subjects - The department operates systematic subjects for students to study the professional knowledge needed to become an expert in taxation and accounting.
  • Field Application - Students can enhance the effect of practical work activities by applying the various theories and information related to taxation and accounting to the field.
  • Interactive Lessons - Students will further improve their problem-solving abilities through schoolwork management and leveled education centered on interactive lessons between professors and students.
  • Application to Related Areas - Since CUK offers such courses as business administration, economics, and law - as well as subjects related to taxation and accounting - students are able to better understand accounting and taxation and apply this knowledge to related areas in various ways.
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