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Dept. of Child English

"Reborn as the best child English teacher"

The Department of Child English aims to cultivate professional child English teachers who can conduct effective English education for infants and elementary school students in this globalization era where the need for early English education is increasing. To do this, the department offers the latest English education theory and field-based teaching techniques, thereby helping all teachers develop fluent English skills. In addition, it offers a program for students to obtain English education related diplomas for TESOL, for child English teachers, and for English reading teachers; thereby enabling our graduates to make the most of their practical abilities after employment.

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  • Completion of a course for child English teachers -> Acquisition of a diploma for child English teachers / Acquisition of a diploma for English reading teachers -> English teachers at kindergartens or elementary schools, or researchers at English education related companies and publishing companies.
  • Completion of TESOL courses -> Acquisition of CUK TESOL -> Instructors at language institutes and colleges
  • Completion of courses for English education management -> Run a language institute and a business related to English education
  • Completion of courses for English competency -> Work anywhere where English skills are needed, including interpretation and translation, trade, tourism, hotels, etc.
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