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Dept. of Korean Language

"Well-rounded education to cultivate competent Korean language teachers"

The Department of Korean Language aims to cultivate Korean language teachers. The Cyber University of Korea (CUK) designed this department with the belief that the role of Korean language teachers should not be confined to just teaching Korean, thus recognizing them as diplomatic representatives who will introduce the Korean culture to foreign countries. They will also be assistants to migrant wives and migrant workers who will be able to assimilate in a positive manner into our society.

The Department of Korean Language at CUK conducts well-rounded education to nurture Korean language teachers equipped with expertise in Korean language education and a broad understanding of Korean culture and society. After studying at the Department of Korean Language, students can become competent Korean language teachers with fluent Korean and foreign languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese); professionals with deep cultural knowledge and teaching competence, and mature professionals with a thorough social education who can understand and help other peoples and their cultures. These results will reward the efforts of students and give them a sense of achievement.


- Korean language teacher’s license( 2nd  level) (under the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism)

Dept. of Korean Language

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Dept. of Korean Language
  • Excellent curriculum designed by leading Korean language teachers and Korean language education centers
  • Foundation laid to cultivate competent Korean language teachers with fluent foreign language skills. Rich and useful courses offered that are related to Korean language education
  • Various special lectures on Korean language and culture offered, and study and club activities
Contact US (82-2)6361-2000