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Dept. of Health & Care Administration

"Cultivate professionals in health & care administration"

Healthcare and social welfare not only share a common field of putting service into practice but are emerging as key areas for implementing a cooperative system to prepare for caring for the elderly and helping families deal with the social and psychological burden of an aged society. There is, moreover, a rising need to implement a community-based health & care administration system for health and welfare that will increase the quality of life.

Against this backdrop, the department was established to cultivate professionals in health & care administration who will play a pivotal role in the development of health and welfare in the nation and local communities, and which will enable experts in both fields to help each other in providing better service based on mutual understanding.

The department offers a curriculum related to the qualifications for health teachers and public health officials, and a caregiving training program that will contribute to strengthening expertise and specialization in the health and welfare sector.

Dept. of Health & care Administration

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