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Dept. of Child Studies

"Self-driven and influential children become happy leaders"

Recognizing that children are exposed to intensive education in modern times, the Department of Child Studies cultivates professionals who can focus on the competence of individual children. To do this, the department designed a curriculum that allows students to learn specific and practical abilities to help them identify gifted children based on the study of the gifted; it will help them to develop the children‘s gifts from infancy to childhood.

Dept. of Child Studies

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Dept. of Child Studies
  • Study of the Gifted
    It nurtures talented individuals who can evaluate and analyze the gifts of every child based on a deep understanding of the theory of multiple intelligences, then design customized programs, and educate and support the gifted accordingly.
  • Study of Childcare
    It cultivates professional, quality, childcare workers while focusing on the understanding of the universal education that children aged 0 and 6 experience in childcare centers. It nurtures future talents who can apply customized education to the field of universal education.
  • Study of Child Development
    It cultivates professionals who can identify knowledge acquisition for children aged 0 and 18, and understand the characteristic phenomena of childhood in the twenty-first century, as well as discover individual gifts based on the theory of multiple intelligences.
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