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Dept. of Counseling Psychology

"Sound Mind, Healthy Society"

The demand for counseling will continue to increase because of the various psychological stresses caused by social change, the transition to a multicultural society, and conflicts and alienations in human relationships. The Department of Counseling Psychology aims to cultivate future talent in the psychology and counseling sectors through systematic education courses where theory and practice are appropriately coordinated. It offers the courses necessary for certificate acquisition, including youth counselor. The department provides a basic course that fosters the attitudes and perspectives needed by a professional counselor. It offers also an advanced application course necessary for multicultural counseling.

Dept. of Counseling Psychology

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Dept. of Counseling Psychology
  • Courses for multicultural counseling
    The department offers courses such as multicultural counseling, psychology of forgiveness, positive psychology, child counseling, and elderly counseling with the objective of cultivating future talent in multicultural counseling to meet the demands of our society as it rapidly moves toward a multicultural society.
  • Courses for family counseling and parent education
    The department offers courses such as family counseling, parent education and counseling, couple counseling, adult learning and counseling, elderly counseling, and play therapy with the objective of nurturing talented individuals in counseling so that they may realize healthy parents and families and a healthy society.
  • Courses for youth counseling
    The department offers subjects required for certificate acquisition for youth counselor, and courses necessary for youth counseling fields, including youth counseling, cyber counseling, sexuality counseling and education for the youth, and career counseling with the objective of cultivating professionals in youth counseling to help guide youth to becoming healthy adults.
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