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Dept. of Real Estate

"To be a competent asset manager"

The Department of Real Estate cultivates professional asset managers through systematic courses on economics, business administration, law and systems related to real estate, finance, and insurance, as well as courses for certificate acquisition regarding real estate, finance, and insurance.

The department educates students in theory and methodology that help them better understand the systems and work related to real estate and finance, and the principles of economics, management techniques, and real estate laws and systems in a comprehensive manner; thereby nurturing professionals in the changing real estate and financial markets.

Dept. of Real Estate

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Dept. of Real Estate
  • Utilize the network of professionals in the real estate and financial sectors.
    A number of professionals, including certified public appraisers, licensed real estate agents, and judicial scriveners and experts working at financial institutions and construction companies across the nation are enrolled in our department. The solid human network that consists of these professionals will broaden the areas of activity for our students.
  • Systematic learning in real estate and finance
    As an applied study, real estate and finance are based on economics, business administration, law, and taxation and accounting. Since CUK offers courses for business administration, law, and taxation and accounting, students can experience systematic learning in business administration, law, and taxation and accounting, as well as in real estate and finance. In addition, students can better understand real estate and finance through academic exchanges with these departments.
  • Field education centered on real estate work
    Our faculty have various work experiences in real estate, finance, taxation, and accounting. Their lectures are based on this rich experience in the field and offer useful education that will help our students to understand practical work.
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