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Dept. of Business Administration

"Foster the ability to solve various problems in the field through convergence studies"

The Department of Business Administration was created with the opening of the school, which marks thirteen years this year. At present, about one thousand students are studying in the program and the number of graduates has also reached one thousand. We boast a number of talented alumni, including executives at Samsung Group, lawyers, medical doctors, numerous CEOs of mid-sized companies, and managing staff at large companies. Some graduates have even made their businesses successful overseas. The department offers various majors such as HR Management, Financial Management, Production and Operation Management, Information System Management, e-Business, and Accounting, as well as General Business Management. Our purpose is to foster the comprehensive thinking and problem-solving abilities necessary in a manager or expert. In particular, the department is seeking convergence studies that apply interdisciplinary knowledge that will enhance capabilities and solve various problems in the field.

Dept. of Business Administration

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Dept. of Business Administration
  • Vision: Top 10 College of Business Administration in Korea by 2020
    We will become a ‘Top 10’ College of Business Administration in Korea with our 3R and Jump Start strategy.
  • Strategy: 3R (Robust, Rigorous, and Rapid) & Jump Start
    • - The department has been implementing this strategy since it was established in 2012. Robust: solid, basic education; Rigorous: thorough education management; Rapid: swift response to the environment
    • - It designated the period between 2013 and 2014 for its Jump Start. We will show a level of quality instruction content, student services, and business management that was unavailable in the past.
    • - We plan to apply Competency-Based Education (CBE) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) programs to education courses.
  • Resource & Culture: Our students, faculty, and alumni are our assets. We are creating a new level of management culture that combines the humanities with business administration.
    • - Students and alumni working in various fields around the world and faculty developing expertise ahead of the times are our proud assets.
    • - The department is developing a new management culture where the humanities and business administration are harmonized.
  • Pride: PreBS, DBR, & Business Reading Club.
    • - We operate the PreBS, which provides information about the business school. We provide business-related current issues through real-time lectures and on-demand recorded files.
    • - We provide the DongA Business Review (DBR). As a bi-monthly business magazine, the DBR covers current issues and the latest business trends. Students can easily access and read various business issues.
    • - The Business Reading Club gathers every month to read and discuss current issues and classical literature. In addition, there is the Peter Druker Study Group. This ten-year study group gets together every week.
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