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Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

"Cultivate the engineering workforce using our Virtual Lab"

Selected for the 2012 “Work to School Specialized Project” for cyber universities initiated by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, the Cyber University of Korea created the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in March 2013, opening a new era of cyber engineering education.


As a key academic field underpinning the smart information society of the twenty-first century, the department offers a curriculum that nurtures professional engineers equipped with practical abilities and international perspectives so that they can actively respond to changes in the industry and technology. The department’s curriculum is subdivided into three majors: Digital Systems, which underpins computing systems; Control/Circuits, where students study traditional control technology and electric and electronic circuitry; and Communication, which is the key to an international society. We, thereby, present an effective roadmap for the learning direction of each study. In addition, as a leader in cyber engineering education, CUK provides extensive electric and electronic experimental education using our Virtual Lab and conducts efficient education based on laboratory activities.

Dept. of Electricity and Electronic Engineering

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