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Excellence in cyber education


Excellence in cyber education

Excellence in cyber education

Online delivery does not have to compromise either the quality or the joy of learning. We believe that cyber higher education can meet the modern student’s need for learning and adapt to a rapidly changing society.

A deep sea of cutting-edge knowledge

Ceaseless research and investment are key to creating online educational content. Our faculty and research centers play a vital role in creating the most up-to-date curricula and the most effective means of online delivery.
Our university also actively promotes academic-industrial cooperation with distinguished organizations.

Creating global networks through education

In a time when inbound globalization is just as socially relevant as outbound globalization, our university strives to bridge different worlds through our cyber education network. In partnership with the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving (RCI) at Georgia Southwestern State University, we are the first university to provide a professional caregiving program online. Our partnership with Vietnam's Hanoi National University is focused on creating an online education program to fit the local education environment. Our free online Korean language and culture education program,delivered through our 'e-Learning Campaign for Multicultural Families', has helped more than fifty thousand immigrants and their families adapt to their new environment.

Digital education optimized to the internet community

Hardware is the core of an online university. Our computer servers form the backbone of our state-of-the-art educational system. Our IT Center, equipped with a Dual Disaster Recovery System, is the first of its kind in Korea. Our new Learning Management System, built in conjunction with Korea Microsoft provides an interactive and convenient interface for students in our digital classrooms. Our Media Center boasts a studio that broadcasts lectures captured in high-definition (HD).

An analogue understanding of digital education

Digital technology does not have to be devoid of analogue sensitivity. That sensitivity is reflected in our university's mission of service leadership. CUK uses the strengths of online education to reach out to society. Our online 'Knowledge Donation Program' provides free VOD lectures in specialized fields, as our 'Global Knowledge Program' does to the general public. Our free online 'e-Learning Campaign for Multicultural Families' enables immigrants and their families to learn about the language and culture of each other's countries, bridging the socio-cultural gap within multicultural families.

Proudly honored and acknowledged

We have the great honor of being recognized by the nation's most renowned institutions. In 2004, we received the 'Internet Power Award' from the Korean Management Association; and, in 2006, the 'ePRIVACY mark' and the 'I-safe mark' from the Korea Association for Information and Telecommunication for being the best personal information protection site and safest internet site. We also received the 'Grand Prize' for online universities at The Master Consumer Confidence of Korea Brand Awards in 2007; and, in 2009, received the Presidential Council on Nation Branding Award for our 'e-Learning Campaign for Multicultural Families'.

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