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Purposes of Establishment

The Cyber University of Korea (CUK) established its three missions: to create a leading role in continuing education, to contribute to universal higher education, and to reform higher education. Our goal is to cultivate the talented individuals needed for our knowledge-based society and to nurture talented professionals fit for the digital age. They will be equipped with theoretical and practical skills, through industry-academic cooperation with the best institutions at home and abroad.

Ideals of Education

CUK is striving to realize the future of continuing education through online learning under the ideals of education, creativity, and service.

Creativity, Service

Purposes of Education

  • To realize the future of lifelong learning through online higher education
  • To cultivate creative minds equipped with expertise and a service-oriented spirit

Objectives of Education

  • To foster expertise through a curriculum designed for the needs of the times and industry-academic cooperation
  • To cultivate creativity through interdisciplinary education and learner-centered education
  • To instill a service-oriented spirit through the expansion of educational opportunities and corporate social responsibility
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